Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Lakrids by Johan Bülow, slik lakrids, slik til bryllup, slik til gæster


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Johan Bulow got instructions from his mother to create something, not only for earning money; it had to be something that came from his heart. For Johan there was no doubt. He loved liquorice and thought that there was a completely new world of enjoyment hidden in the raw and stuffed liquorice root.

Not only when it came to candy, but also when it came to food, pastries, beer - in short; anything where the fine spice could come to its justice. Johan wanted to make liquorice a gourmet experience, neither more nor less.

He wanted to stand by the fire, so the people could see it happen, a place where they could smell, taste and experience the magic when the licorice roast was combined with exquisite ingredients. This was the journey of the first and only liquorice stove of its kind.

Lakrids by Johan Bülow