Many thanks to all of our guests that participated in our Bride-To-Be-Brunch 2016. We are so happy for your participation; more than 250 guests enjoyed our 4-hour Bride To Be Brunch. A day for the bride to relax, enjoy and be in the center for a day.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you, in the planning of your wedding.

Heidi Noer-Hvarre

Guests comments about the bride to be brunch

  • Very good!
  • Nice, good balance in the flow
  • This surpassed my expectations, so cozy
  • Very good and cozy
  • Good mix of suppliers
  • Much nicer than I had anticipated and not too big
  • Surprised over the presentations, I only expected stands.


Vejle Amts Folkeblad writes

Twohearts had their last bride to be brunch event at Comwell Kellers Park and what an experience. 30 fantastic brides and their bridesmaids enjoyed 4 hours brunch with wedding dress fashion show, incredible gold jewelry creations, amazing pictures, galleries and a lot more. To read the whole article in Danish click below.