UNESCO world heritage

With the amazing "Stevns Klint" just around the corner from our office, we at TwoHearts have been inspired to make memorable weddings here for both Danish and foreign couples.

In 2014, Steven's Client was named UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE.

It is in Fiskeleret in Stevns Klint that researchers found answers to why the dinosaurs and half of all species were wiped out for 66 million years ago, when an asteroid hit the Earth. Therefore, Stevns Klint has "exceptional universal value" and is worthy of a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Where it is accompanied by areas like The Grand Canyon in the United States, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China and the Acropolis of Greece.

Stevns Klint is an approx. 17 km long steep coastline, which extends from Bøgeskov Harbor in the north to Rødvig Harbor in the south. The cliff is up to 40 meters high and built through millions of years of old layers of white-gray tracing, white writing chalk and flint.

The sights are like beads on a string on Stevns Klint:

Bøgeskov Harbor,

Holtug Chalk quarries,

Flag Bank,

Stevns Lighthouse,

Højerup gl. church,

Cold War Museum Stevnsfort,

Boesdal halk quarries and finally

Rødvig with the beautiful marina.

Could you imagine a unique and memorable wedding at a UNESCO site in Denmark, please contact us on +45 30554015 or email info@twohearts.dk

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