TwoHearts your personal wedding planner

Working together and creating the perfect wedding demands that there is chemistry. This is why TwoHearts offers a free and no-obligatory first meeting. Call us, and let us find a time to meet up. +45 3055 4015

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By the hour

How do we start with the planning? How can we make a realistic budget? Where do we find the perfect place to host our wedding? Should we have a reception? And so on..

 We are more than happy to help you in the planning phase. We come with inspiration, ideas, making agreements with the suppliers as much as you want, and need. This is to help you have that perfect wedding.

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On the day coordination

With this solution, you can fully focus on the most important part of your wedding day: of course, Each other and your guests. You will be able to enjoy every single second without having to wonder if the day is going as planned, we have it under control.

We will have a meeting a couple of weeks before your wedding day, where we will go through your program for the day, so we can make sure, that everything will go as planned. TwoHearts will help as much as wanted and needed on your wedding day.

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Total Package

If you want partnership and teamwork from finish to start this is the package for you, this means, from the planning to assistance on the actual day. It can also include help with your thank you cards, if this is what you wish. It is in fact, you, as a couple that is the most important for us! The outcome of the wedding should of course reflect on you as a couple, and is should be exactly, the way you want it. The planning usually lasts around 6months to a year.

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Wedding abroad

With many years of experience from wedding planning and with lots of contacts abroad, TwoHearts offer to help you plan your wedding abroad. Cozy day at a vineyard in Italy? Romantic castle in France? In a big city like New York? Or something totally different? Contact us and we will help you to plan your dream wedding.

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